President’s Message

Nearly 30 years ago in 1986, 13 strong, resilient, forward-thinking Black professional women were instrumental in making the Black Women’s Leadership Council (BWLC) a catalyst for the advancement of Black women at Xerox. Their beliefs, leadership, and foresight live on through the career development activities, leadership opportunities, executive networking, mentoring program, and community involvement activities that are a part of the organization. I am humbled to follow the pathway that they paved for me.

BWLC represents an outstanding group of black women. BWLC GIRLS ROCK is the tagline that I adopted for this administration. It signifies that the Black Women’s Leadership Council members are Gifted Intelligent Resilient Loyal Sisters, who are Regal Outstanding Contributors, that Keep it real! Today, BWLC GIRLS ROCK represent 193 active members across eight regional chapters. And so, I will begin my two-year term as President excited about representing the women that ROCK at Xerox. I invite you to join me on this incredible journey over the course of the next biennium.

As your President, I will work with our Corporate Champion, Senior Advisory Council, Executive Board, Extended Board and Committee Members to focus on objectives, targets and programs that are designed to educate, develop, and grow our members. I would like to share with the objectives and targets that we will focus on as priorities.

The 2015-2017 strategic objectives are:

  • Encourage Leadership Development
  • Visible Active Mentoring Program
  • Showcase Our Talents
  • Forge Partnerships

Pathway to success through six key targets are:

  1. Leverage existing leadership programs in Learning@Xerox
  2. Deploy Journey of Leadership Institute (JoLI) Leading Self to all members
  3. Mentoring Program established for us, to mentor each other at all levels
  4. Promote professionalism
  5. Professional Profiles 2.0
  6. Recognize performance on the job, in our community

Every great organization faces triumph and tragedy and, certainly, BWLC is no exception. We have a significant opportunity to create awareness about our organization to the more than 12, 000 black women at Xerox. It is my desire that we will be able to reach more black women within Xerox and increase the participation. The key to enduring success, however, is to learn and evolve as a result of the challenges we face, to ensure we remain relevant and vital for future generations of BWLC GIRLS that ROCK!

I left the 2015 Summit in Arlington, VA inspired by the enthusiasm of our members, constituents and the loyalty of our dedicated leadership team. Now I am four months into the role, and I am still excited about this opportunity to serve as your leader. And I am confident that our best days in lie ahead.


Best regards,
Yetta Toliver